Unterrichtsprachen — Teaching Languages

This is the first english article on this website. Is has basicly one purpose, i.e. proving that I do speak English and that I'm very comfortable doing it. Most of my Taijiquan knowledge was taught to me in English, so sharing it in Enlish is even simpler for me.

The main language of my courses is German, though. But as soon as there's someone who doesn't speak it, I switch between the languages, so that at the end everybody understands.
BTW: Switching languages is normal for me. I was raised in Germany, but I'm actually Polish. So I was constantly switching between Polish at home and German everywhere else. My brother and I even had a special mixture of both, we used when we talked with each other which was fun.

I can even teach in Chinese. It's basic, but you simply don't need too many words to teach Taijiquan.

So the languages in my courses can be German, English, Polish and even Chinese.

Unterrichtsprachen — Teaching Languages
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